Different microservice design patterns in Golang

Welcome! Since my article talking about how to implement a Golang microservice using MVC from scratch I had a lot of questions about design patterns in Go so in this lesson I’m showing you different microservice design patterns in Golang.

Starting from a mess of code running in a single file and analyzing the problems and issues we’re having when working with this approach we first move our project to a Model-View-Controller design.

This is our first try: https://github.com/federicoleon/golang-examples/tree/master/code_structure/orc

Then we migrate to our MVC implementation: https://github.com/federicoleon/golang-examples/tree/master/code_structure/mvc

Now that we have our MVC implementation, we analyze some of the advantages and disadvantages for this implementation and we take another step by migrating our code to Clean Architecture.

Hope you’ll enjoy the article!

Let me know your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Different microservice design patterns in Golang”

  1. Agustín Viera

    Excelente explicación Fede!
    ¿Harás la reestructura a Clean Architecture?
    En mi caso es la arquitectura que trato de aplicar a mis proyectos, pero tengo muchísimas dudas sobre la implementación de la misma.
    Sería bueno verla en manos de un profesional como tú!

  2. Hello Federico,
    Thank you very much for the work you provide the community.
    I’ve purchased your go course and learned very much from that.
    Highly appreciated the content of it.
    I’ve been waiting for the next episode of this series on microservice design: The clean architecture part
    If you happen to make a course using TDD, I’d be one of the first to purchase it.

    Once again thank you very much for your work, and looking forward to reading/watching your future contents.


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